Why 坐 Matters


您知道行为简单吗“Sit”可以让你的狗更受人尊重?我们不’这意味着只是坐着而不是跳。我们’re talking about 坐 as a way for your dog to say “please”在各种情况下。 尝试这个实验一周,看一下你的狗’的整体态度大大改善:

  • Ask your dog to 坐 before opening doors for her. Reward the 坐 by opening the door, giving your dog access to the outdoors or new space.
  • Ask your dog to 坐 when you have her favorite toy 在 hand. Reward the 坐 by throwing the toy or playing a game of tug.
  • Ask for a 坐 when your dog wants to jump on the couch or on your lap. Reward with access to the spot and then a cuddle or a belly rub.

The trick is to recognize when your dog is about to get something from you, then ask for a simple 坐 第一– before you give it。这会教您的狗要有礼貌并受到控制,尊重您以及您每天给她的美好事物。“Sit to say 请”形成冲动控制并关注您–训练有素,训练有素的狗具有很高的素质。


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